Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Secret Kisses Lipstick Review & Swatches

I heard of this company through Jerry over at Silhouette Screams. I am a sucker for an unusual lipstick so I decided to give it a shot.

A little while back they had all of their lipsticks reduced to $10.50 (about £6.60 each) from $14.99 (£9.50). When I placed my order I didn't get a confirmation through - but by the time I realised that my order probably hadn't been placed the sale had already ended :( booo.

I emailed their customer service team and told them what had happened, and they kindly sent me a discount code that allowed me to purchase them for the sale price :)

They got to me in less than a week....and the shipping was FREE (worldwide!) I was impressed before I had even opened the box!!

The colours I got were Rockstar (purple) and Sunshine (yellow).

The colour swatches on the website sort of suggested that Sunshine was going to be brighter, and more matte. In person this actually has quite a sheen to it and is borderline gold on the lips.

Sunshine is quite a hard lipstick to pull off. Especially if your lips are dry (like mine :(). I do actually quite like the colour and I think with a bit of work I could probably get away with wearing this out.....but only if my lips were in better condition.


I don't know what to say. I love this lipstick so much. I have always been a big fan of purple lips but I have never found a PROPER purple like this. I bought MACs violetta a while back thinking that it was going to look like this and it was pretty much just pink :( I was a disappointed lady!

This lipstick is easy to wear, it feels nice on, it doesn't have a scent really which is fine by me, and it lasts for ages. Today I ate my lunch and had a coffee halfway through the day, didn't reapply, and it was still fine by mid afternoon.

I didn't wear a lipliner and it didn't feather at all! I just don't have enough good things to say about it really. Here are some pictures:

I included the last picture to show that unlike other purples, it doesn't actually make my teeth look yellow! Which is another bonus :D

So yeah, all in all I am extremely impressed with this company. They are having a 2 day Valentines sale starting tomorrow which is why I wanted to get this up a.s.a.p so that you guys can take advantage of it :)

I really want to grab the green next. I hope it is a good match for my hair! (which I haven't dyed since about November :| bad Lisa! I plan to do it next week!)

You can buy secret kisses lipstick from: http://secretkisseslipstick.com/


  1. Both of these look FAB on you, Lisa!

    1. Cheers miss :) I really love them both! I just wish my lips weren't so dry so I could wear the yellow a bit better. At the moment it just emphasises how much my lips don't like the winter haha!

  2. They both look goods in a different style! Hmm yellow lipstick I need to try this!!

  3. Holy customer service, Batman! They both look amazing on you! even the yellow, dayum!

  4. I love purple lips with green hair now. Yum. I am so tempted by Secret Kisses, I really want Boss Lady.

  5. Both look very nice on you the yellow blends with ur skin it doesn't look dry from the pic

  6. Oh, they're both so gorgeous! I definitely need some SK. :) You look fantastic!

  7. I NEED ROCKSTAR. OMG. It's like Illamasqua Kontrol, except I think I can actually wear it :D Their CS is so good!

    1. YES! That is what it reminds me of! I couldn't place it but I knew I had seen a grey based purple somewhere before! It is beautiful :)

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