Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Illamasqua Skin Base Review

I am a bit late with this review but I wanted to give it a fair wearing time before reviewing it, as I think that skin takes a while to adapt to new products.

It took me ages to actually get hold of this. I didn't want to just shade guess from the colour swatches online because this stuff is pretty expensive, so I waited until we were in Glasgow on tour this summer and went to the illamasqua counter in debenhams.

To my dismay, they didn't have the shade that I wanted to try in stock - but the tester was still there so the nice SA colour matched me, and sent me off with a sample in a little jar to keep me going until I could order one online.

The sample she gave me was about the size of two little peas. I was a little sceptical at first because she had said that she would give me enough for a week (not that I was complaining at all, it was lovely of her to give me a sample at all - I just didn't believe that this amount would last me for a whole week!)

It was close, 6 days the pot managed! Considering the amount she gave me would last me about 2 days in any other foundation I was very impressed! You barely have to use any of this stuff to get the kind of coverage that I was wanting for stage wear!

The packaging is lovely (as always with illamasqua products!)

The shade I was matched to was shade 06. It is about as close to my skin tone as I could ever hope to get really.  If I'm being really pedantic it could do with being a tiny bit less pink toned but once it is on my face I can't really tell the difference.

This stuff doesn't feel like foundation - it really does just feel like bare skin! For everyday wear I set it with a light translucent powder (I'm using up my Lily Lolo Flawless Matte at the moment but my Fyrinnae one works just as well) and for stage I set it with MACs mineralize skinfinish natural in Light/Medium.

Here are some pictures of my face:

without flash

without flash

with flash

none of these photos are edited at all. Baring in mind the fact that my skin is dry, acne prone (to the point where I am actually taking medication for it) and I am using no concealer at all in these photos....I'd say that this stuff is doing a damn good job!

I apply this foundation with my ELF studio blush brush. I like this brush for applying foundation cause it is small enough to do under my eyes without ruining my eye makeup (which I always do before my foundation!)

It is expensive. £25 a tube (30ml) but I seriously think it is worth it. I use far less of this foundation than I would with any other brand too so technically you are getting way more product use for the money
The cute headband I'm wearing in these photos is from Claires Accessories :) I think I'm going to wear it all winter, it is so warm and lovely!

EDIT: I thought I should include a picture to show how well this stuff holds up on stage too :)

This was at the end of an extremely warm hour long set.... my skin still looks like skin! Its shiny yeah but that was to be expected - I don't think I look a total mess though (like I normally do haha!)


  1. Wow, I'm gonna have to try this stuff out! I have really dry skin too and it flakes a lot so concealer tends to make it look cakey. :(

    The only foundation I really find that looks natural and doesn't cake is my airbrush makeup but this would be nice to try out! Thanks for posting about it. :D

  2. ...Ok, I need this! My skin is super dry right now!

  3. Your the same shade as me :) I have been loving this foundation too

  4. I was matched 07 and was worried it would be too dark but I love it too! The texture is like nothing else i've tried.

  5. Flawlesssssss! I need to go get matched, I'd love to try a high end foundation for fancy occasions. ;]

  6. This look great and flawless, i love love love ur HAIR it awesome.. britters89.blogspot.com