Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oh glitter why do you photograph so badly?

I went out for a meal with some lovely ladies this evening.

I stood in front of my mirror with the full intention of putting on a bit of foundation and some mascara.....

.....and then I saw my pot of MAC Fuchsia Reflects Glitter.

I love how it turned out but unfortunately my camera hated it.

There are tonnes of pictures just to try and capture how sparkly it really was...none of them really show it properly though :(

Here is a photo after I did my hair (just to sort of prove that I didn't leave it like it was in the first set of photos!)

The glitter looks SO patchy here. I promise it wasn't IRL.

This look was sort of a mixture of Sugarpills Poison Plum, MAC's Reflects Fuchsia Glitter and Illamasqua's Static Pigment. 


  1. I had the same problem! I put holographic glitter on my eye and it looked stunning but when it came to taking the pictures they disappeared. It was such a shame and I had to dump the pictures. We need to find glitter loving cameras!

  2. Pretty, pretty! I like how it looks against your hair (okay, so I just really like your hair in general :D)

  3. Glitter is always a fabulous choice ;-). I find that if I blur the picture ever so slightly, I can get the glitter to show: but you did a great job!