Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipstick: Peaches & Cream

Sorry I havn't been posting much recently - I have been away on tour for a few weeks. We still have two more shows left but I thought I'd pop a post up quickly to show you guys todays purchase :)

I went to superdrug initially to pick up just this lipstick - but they were on two for £5.99 so I grabbed another one too (Pink Freeze).

I was REALLY tempted by Amped, but after having a sift through my makeup bag and pulling out MAC's 'Candy Yum Yum' (from the Quite Cute collection) I discovered that they are exactly the same. They even swatch the same - I honestly couldn't tell the difference once it was on my hand. This is quite annoying as I recently forked out £13.50 for CYY :(

I have only had time to play with Peaches & Cream so far though, so Pink Freeze can have a seperate post later.

Peaches & Cream looks pretty scary in the tube. It is VERY orange looking. But once it is applied it is a lot more "peachy".

I look a bit vacant in this picture. Too much sun maybe?

EDIT: Also, please excuse the MAJOR hair fade. It sun bleaches really easilly and this lovely weather we have been having hasn't made my hair look pretty :(

I really like this colour. The true colour lipsticks are not scented (which I am happy about, because I'm not too into the scent of their balms. I was worried these would be the same.) They feel pretty moisturising too. Peaches & Cream is a sheen formula but the other one I picked up is a matte so it will be interesting to see how they compare :)

These are £3.99 from superdrug (or if you get there quickly, you might be able to pick up 2 for £5.99!)


  1. I almost picked this one up but I bought Amped instead - After I'd got Candy Yum Yum! Ha ha! Oh well, one for my sister anyway. I'll have to grab Peaches and Cream now. Your skin looks awesome by the way.

  2. Thank you :) my skin really likes the sun, it always perks up a bit once it gets some Vitamin D :)

    I couldn't believe how identical amped and candy yum yum were! Pink Freeze is similar but more toned down. So I grabbed that too, cause I really like the matte lipstick look... but candy yum yum is a bit too much for every day haha!

  3. that lipstick looks awesome. you have such pretty eyes and nice skin!