Saturday, 12 March 2011

My professional MUA kit in the making....on a budget - PART 2

I got a few more nice things through the post for my kit :) I'm really happy with everything I purchased and managed to get it all for pretty cheap wOOOOOOO!

120 Neutrals Palette - £7.33

I really like these palettes. I have an 88 Matte Palette too and I was really impressed with the pigmentation of it. I don't have many neutrals so I decided to pick one of these up to make up for the colours that I am missing in my kit.

I got this from here:

I have had a play with this and while the pigmentation isn't as great as the 88 matte palette, it is still a really good product to have. The colours are easy to blend too which is lovely :)

66 Lipgloss Palette - £3.24

I wanted to get one of these for sanitary reasons more than anything. I have loads of glosses but they are all in tubes so it is hard to be completely clean when using them on other people. The lasting power on these isn't great but the colours are actually much more intense than I thought they would be (especially the blues & oranges.)

I got this from here:

10 Blush Palette - £4.06


I should have swatched these really. I will probably do a full post on this one because I really love the product. The only issue I have with this is that the blushes are REALLY powdery so you have to clean the palette after every use because it gets very dusty.

The pigmentation is fantastic though - easilly comparable to Illamasqua blushes (which are some of my favourites!)

The dusty pink colour in the top left is probably my favourite colour from this palette - its really natural looking on my skin and the lasting power is fantastic.

Contour/Blush Palette - £4.24


I already have a blush/contour palette but the colours are different to this version so I decided to pick this up as well (you can never have enough contour colours!

The top right is the colour I use to contor on my own skin. Like the blush palette above - these colours are very pigmented and long wearing. If anything, I would say the contour shades are a little too pigmented - I find myself having to buff them out quite a lot. But for this price I can't really complain!

Graftobian Neutral #1 & #2 Palettes - £14.50

I got these from ebay (again) but I can't find the exact listing anymore.

Lots of people recommended these to me as being good foundations for photography/stage wear. After watching a few youtube videos I decided to give them a go.

The pictures online make these look like they are going to be far lighter than they actually are. I almost wish I had gone for the Ultra Lites palette instead of Neutral #2 because a lot of the colours in Neutral  #2 are similar to colours I have in my sleek palettes.

This is really great foundation though. Its a bit pricier than the rest of the stuff I have purchased for my kit but I am glad I have it because the formula is fantastic.

I apply this with a damp sponge (it shows brush strokes quite a lot when you use a foundation brush.) It is full coverage and pretty much negates the use for a concealer which is excellent - as I prefer to just use concealer under the eyes.

I definitely want to build up my collection with a few more of these palettes eventually because I love the product!

My shade is the lightest colour in Neutral #1 (Bombshell).


  1. Let me know how that contour palette works out.

  2. I really like it :) its nice and versatile. I have two different ones now.

    My only complaint is that I don't understand why then include blushers. I would rather there be three different highlights and three different contours (for different skintones) rather than having to carry multiple palettes around.

  3. Why they* include blushers.

    typo, sorry :P

  4. On average, how much has this all cost and has the post and package priced been listed above aswell :)

  5. I should have specified. I didnt include P&P cause a lot of it I got a pretty good combined shipping deal on and I didn't want to confuse people by listing multiple shipping costs.

    I bought all the ebay stuff (excapt the graftobian palettes) from one seller. So my advice would be to mail the seller in advance to ask what deal they can do on shipping if you do a big order :)

    I have spent around £100 on getting my kit ready and I think I have pretty much all I need as basics now :)

  6. Yeah thats pretty amazing a hundred pound so far for most of your freelance make-up kit is amazing :)