Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Review: E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I felt the need to do a quick writeup about this product. I didn't have time to take pictures though :( sorry.

I am TERRIBLE with liquid eyeliner. My favourite eye looks are ones with really strong winged liner - but I always really struggle to get the shape right because I find most of the brushes aren't precise enough.

I had one from Rimmel, which I bought ages ago, and really liked. The product name rubbed off so I don't know which one it was, but they don't seem to have it anymore. I bought another rimmel one with a felt pen type tip and it is so clumsy to use. The nib is too thick and you can't get any sort of point with it.

I was placing an order on E.L.F for a bunch of studio brushes (for my MUA Kit) whilst they had their 20% off everything sale on. I saw this on the site and figured that it was worth a shot for £1.50 (well...£1.20 with the discount.)

I LOVE it.


- It has a really thin felt tip style end. This means that you don't need to worry about a long brush not going precisely where you want it.

- Sleek looking packaging.

- The pen isn't too short - I find that most liquid eyeliners are really short which means that your hand gets in the way when you are trying to apply it.

- Price. SOOOOO cheap.


- Not black enough. I am willing to deal with this by going over it with a creme/powder liner though, because it gives me an amazing guide for where to put the darker liner. Theres no way I could get a shape as precise as this with a regular creme liner on its own.

EDIT: After a couple of uses it seemed to get darker in colour. I can now use it easilly on its own :) It just took a bit of working in.

- The lid is a bit hard to take off. I found myself drawing on my hand by accident cause I had to be really forceful with the lid. I hope this gets easier with more use.

EDIT: The lid issue sorted itself out too :)

Im going to give this a 5/5 rating. Its easilly the best liner for getting perfect wings that I have tried so far.


  1. Have you tried the Collection2000 felt tip liners? They're pretty good and they have purple too!

  2. I have found the midnight & plum to be darker then the black. the black one is kind of dark gray but, the others are black with a small hint of purple & blue.