Monday, 21 March 2011

Brand Spotlight: Fyrinnae

Ok, so I wanted to do a series of posts to focus on some of my favorite brands. For these I will be trying to swatch everything I own by that brand (which in cases like Fyrinnae, is a pretty big job haha!)

Fyrinnae (“fyeer-ih-nay”) is an internet based independent makeup company based in the US. You can read more about them here.

My fyrinnae collection recently had to move out of its drawer....and into a bigger drawer. Here is its new home :) I missed out my pixie epoxy from this picture and a sample of their powder primer (because they both live in my everyday items drawer.)

My Number 1 Fyrinnae must have item is their Pixie Epoxy. I wrote a massive post a while back declaring my undying love for it (that post can be found here.) I'm not going to repeat myself too much but basically, pixie epoxy is an eyeshadow adhesive (NOT A PRIMER) which helps to bring out shimmer/glitter/duochrome in eyeshadows. Here is a set of swatches to compare eyeshadows applied without pixie eyeshadows applied with:

Crazy right?! Discovering this product was like getting a whole bunch of new eyeshadows to play with! I don't know how I managed beforehand!

My other favourite items are:
  • Their Velvet Gel Primer. I use this every single day because it is so much more affordable than any other (good) primers that I have used....and it performs equally as well. I love that you can use liquid, cream or powder foundation with this primer because I hate having to have multiple products to essentially do the same job.
  • Oil Control Finishing Powder. I use this to set liquid foundation. I used to use Lily Lolo's Flawless Matte but at £12.50 a tub it was a fairly expensive option. Fyrinnae's alternative is only £3.44!
Sooooo onto the Fyrinnae Swatches. One thing to mention about fyrinnae eyeshadows. They are a NIGHTMARE to photograph properly. Most of the colours have really strong duochromes which don't translate too accurately to camera. For this reason I have photographed each batch with and without a flash to try and give you guys a better idea of how the shadows actually look.

All of these are swatched over pixie epoxy (except for the blushes and the lip lustres at the end.)
Batch 1: Eyeshadows

(L to R: Calavera Cupcakes, Nijiro, Dragonmagic, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, Dark Magic, Platinum)

Out of these colours, Platinum definitely gets the most use from me. Its the strangest colour, I can't decide if its gold or silver :S I guess its sort of both. As expected, this photo hasn't really shown the colour at its best but it still does look very pretty :)

I only got Dark Magic recently and I havn't had a chance to actually wear it yet, but it swatches incredibly! I can't wait to find an oppertunity to wear this (I struggle to wear reds because of my hair colour :()

Batch 2: Eyeshadows

(L to R: Immortality, Nijiro, Calavera Cupcakes, Nevermore, Ashes, Pyromania Erotica)

Ashes is the only Matte Fyrinnae shade that I own. It is almost identical to Illamasqua's 'Matter' eyeshadow (which I am about to hit pan on so its nice to have found a cheaper alternative :))

Nevermore was actually sent as a free sample with my last order. Its probably the brightest purple that I own!

I only really ordered Pyromania Erotica because the swatch on the website reminded me a lot of my friend Emma's hair :) She is in a band called Vier who are coming on tour with us in two weeks time! You should definitely check them out! I have actually worn this eyeshadow and really like it. Its definitely the most wearable orange I have encountered!

Batch 3: Eyeshadows
(L to R: Velvet Vampire, Warrior Mage, Shingami, Dark Fantasy, Madame & Eves, Cupcake Sprinkles)

Warrior Mage, Dark Fantasy and Madame & Eves look quite similar in the pots, but once applied they are definitely different enough to excuse owning all three :) My favourite of these is Madame & Eves because its REALLY sparkly and every way you turn it seems to change colour completely.

Batch 4: Eyeshadows & Blush
(L to R: Winter Again, Seduce (Blush), Light Matte (Bronzer))

Winter Again is the only Fyrinnae eyeshadow that I own a full size of. This is because I use it A LOT! I use it as a highlighter. Some people would consider it a bit too intense for a highlight but it looks lovely if you are wearing brighter colours :) It reminds me a lot of MAC's reflects transparent teal pigment....except without the glitter. I love it!

Seduce and Light Matte are both excellent colours (light matte is the nearest I have found to a perfect contour colour for my skin) but I hate using loose powder products for my cheeks. I make a total mess with them. I am considering trying to press these to make them a bit easier to use because I do really love the colours.

Batch 5: Lip Lustres

(L to R: Sugar Coated Revenge, Lollipop-pop, Fanservice, Ghostly Voice )

Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres are potentially my favourite lip products ever. They apply like a gloss....but don't feel sticky at all. They are also completely opaque. I don't get how Fyrinnae have made a product this amazing and yet no other company has really tried to copy it :|

Fanservice is my favourite lipstick colour ever. Its the perfect periwinkle lilac colour. Every other "lilac" I have found leans a bit too pinky for my liking but this is just gorgeous :)

Ghostly Voice is a pretty awesome colour too, but maybe a little intense for everyday wear (saying that....I do wear it during the day if I am feeling brave haha!)

Price List

Rather than listing prices throughout, I thought it would be easier to pop it all in a list at the bottom. All of my eyeshadows that are pictured are sample sizes (except for Winter Again). The samples are EXTREMELY generous. All of the products on the Fyrinnae website (aside from the lip lustres) are available in sample sizes.

The lip lustres are unavailable at the moment (booo) but last time I ordered they were £2.81 each. That price could change slightly when they become available again.

I have listed prices in GBP but there is a drop down menu in the top corner of the fyrinnae website where you can change the currency that you are shopping in. This is probably my favourite thing about their website!

Full Size Eyeshadow £3.69
Sample Size Eyeshadow £1.25
Lip Lustre £2.81
Full Size Blush £4.06
Sample Size Blush 94p
Full Size Bronzer £4.38
Sample Size Bronzer 94p
Pixie Epoxy (Full Size) £4.38
Pixie Epoxy (Sample) 94p
Oil Control Finishing Powder £3.44
Velvet Gel Silica Primer £4.38

International Shipping is only $4 international (about £2.45) or $3 in the USA. If you buy over $40 worth of stuff then shipping is completely free anywhere in the world!

So....the moral of this post is that Fyrinnae is an awesome brand - and is very affordable. I can't wait to add more of their pretty colours to my collection!

Let me know if you decide to make a purchase based on this post :) I would love to know what you ordered!


  1. I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing other girl's posts about Fyrinnae :)

  2. Really interesting! Some of the colours are just magical. PS. Would you mind adding the shade names to the first lot of eyeshadows, they seem to be missing? Thanks!

  3. Ooooh thanks for pointing that out. I must have deleted it by accident. I'll add it now :) x