Monday, 21 February 2011

Things I am excited for

There are a few things being released soon which I am a bit excited about.


I very rarely get excited by MAC products anymore because they are really expensive and you can get far superior products for much less money. However, the 'Quite Cute' Collection (April USA/May UK & International) looks like the best selection of products the brand has come out with in a looooong time.


Sugarpill will apparently be releasing NEW PRESSED SHADOWS at some point. You want proof...


^ A girl can dream right? (I made this in paint....this isn't an actual promo can probably tell by the messy lines that don't meet up properly but I thought that I should probably clarify just to be on the safe side :P)

As well as new pressed shadows - Im still very excited for this product here:

I recieved this picture in an email along with the Black Friday discount it was a little while ago. I havn't heard anything more on the subject though which is sad :( Still playin' the waiting game.

Shiro Cosmetics

Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics has gotten herself a warehouse to work from:

^These pictures are from the Shiro Cosmetics Facebook Page

This hopefully means we will be seeing some lovely new colours from Shiro too :D exciting times!


  1. I'm excited for the Quite Cute collection, too, because it looks so...well, cute! :D

  2. ^_^ indeedy. Those blushes are adorable!