Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics - a.k.a best products ever.


These are by far the most beautifully packaged cosmetics that I have ever seen. I can’t throw away the boxes - I don’t care how inconvenient that will make them for usage in the longrun but too much work has been put into the artwork for these for me to be able to justify throwing them away!

(I got the Sweet Heart palette and Goldilux Chromalust - I couldn’t even properly photograph Goldilux cause it was too bright and gorgeous - it just reflects back at my camera haha!)

Sugarpill E.O.T.D: Dollipop and Tako - My camera seems to mute bright colours down loads :( but this was AMAZING in person. Made me want to walk around with my eyes closed just so people got the full effect (I didn’t though - cause Im clumsy enough with my eyes open!!!)


  1. I love what you've done with your eyes here, and I must agree that Sugarpill makes the best products ever! I just bought some stuff as well, check out some swatches if you want!

  2. You have so many chromalusts! Jealous :P I need to add to my collection - the only one I have at the moment is Goldilux but I am dying to try out paperdoll and darling!

    The burning heart palette is on its way to me in the post! Can't wait to play with it, your swatches make me wish it was here already haha!