Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some friends were asking me the other day how I kept my makeup organised….so I thought I would take a picture :)

The tall set of drawers is next to the TV in my bedroom, then by my mirror (where I do my face in the mornings) are the little purple drawers with my everyday stuff in them (mascara, eyeliner etc.)

I opened a drawer to show how the insides are organised. This is one of my pigment drawers - I chose this one cause its nice and sparkly :D


  1. Where do you get the storage like that.
    I have a big filing one for paperwork and textile equipment but I need a smaller version that is portable enough to fit ANYWHERE LOL

  2. The tall one is from B&Q. Its actually three smaller units that you stack together - so when I run out of room I can just buy another unit and add it to the bottom :)

    The smaller one is a paper filer from Whsmiths. Since doing this post I have gotten another bigger one from smiths for my indie shadows cause they were getting lost in with my pigments - the bigger one has 3 small draws on the top row, then two bigger ones in the middle and then one that goes the whole width of the unit on the bottom...and it has cupcakes on it ^_^

    I actually saw a much better version of my B&Q units in hobbycraft though which I was extremely tempted by but I had already bought these so it felt wasteful to get a new one.

    I havn't photographed my traincase here but when I go on tour I use this:

    Which is from B&Q too (its a toolbox :P. Its cool cause you can slide a few palettes on top of the bottom section and they dont get in the way of the shelves so I can take my 88 palette and my blush & contour palette easilly :)

    p.s. I used to work at B&Q...hence all the B&Q love in this post :P

  3. Awww thank you for that, Ill have to see where my local B&Q, really need some decent storage :)