Friday, 18 February 2011

Review: Sleek 'The Primer Palette'

I picked this up from superdrug yesterday. It is £6.99 but I had one of their recipt code thingys (where you fill in the survey online and get a discount code) so I got 10% off.

I didn't buy this to use as a primer on its own. I wanted a selection of different coloured bases to help bring out the vibrancy of a few shadows that I have had issues with the pigmentation of.

The packaging is the same as the other Sleek palettes. These do look good and they are great for carrying around because they are nice and slim. I like that they are matte because they don't fingerprint like shiny palettes tend to (my 88 palette always looks disgusting.)

The palette comes with a little brush (rather than a sponge applicator like the other Sleek palettes.) Obviously a brush is much nicer to have than the sponge applicator - but I can't really see myself using this brush to apply the product as the bristles don't seem stiff enough to apply a cream. I guess its nice to have in cases of emergency but its not really ideal for this particular product.

The first thing I noticed when I opened this up was that the little plastic sheet which has the shade names on - is printed wrong. I can't be certain whether the whole sheet is wrong or whether its just a few of the shades - but I find it hard to believe that they named the gold 'noir' and the black 'money honey' or that the blue is called 'ultra violet and the purple 'pink frost.'

I suppose that doesn't really matter but I do find it a bit annoying:

Here are some swatches. I can't name them because the names are all jumbled up - but they are in the same order as they are in the palette:

The black is actually surprisingly pigmented compared to the rest of the palette. The only one I can see myself having issues with is the brown on the second row as it seemed a bit crumbly. I might have to play around with it and see if I can make it work.

To put this palette to the test - I decided to do a look using two eyeshadows which I absolutely hate (hear me out.)

Romping by MAC and Ransom by Urban Decay look SO nice in the pan....but the pigmentation is pretty dreadful. I was especially frustrated with Romping because (as we all know) MAC isn't cheap, so to have this shadow sitting around is pretty irritating.

I used the purple primer underneath ransom, the darker pink underneath romping and I used the white underneath MUA Shade 2 as a highlight.

Still in my PJ's...havn't attacked my hair yet. I look like I am falling asleep :|

I do think that the bases definitely helped with the pigmentation. This is the brightest I have ever got these shadows to look before. They did make blending extremely difficult though so maybe it would be better to use them for looks where I am only using one colour on the lid.

I am off out in a bit so I will update this later with my verdict after a day of wear :)

EDIT: This worked pretty well. The colours definitely faded a bit throughout the day but the eyeshadows that I used have a tendancy to do that anyway. They faded less than they do when I don't use a coloured base though thats for sure. This didn't crease up at all on me (I did use UDPP under it though. I need to wait for a day where I'm not going out to test this palette out as a primer on its own.)

The pink seemed to hold a little bit better than the purple. It was hardly noticeable but I just thought I'd mention it :)

The colours with the most "wear" are 100% the black, blue and pink. I have come to this conclusion because after a day and a sleep - the swatches of these three colours are still quite clear on my arm.

I would recommend this product for the price. Especially if you have some pesky low pigmentation products that you want to get working.


  1. You really know your shit! I'm SO bad at applying eyeshadow. But I love looking at it. I've been experimenting, but it always looks the same whatever I do! I think I need you to tutor me! Great shots.
    Just bought some sweet organic handmade Zombify eyeshadows from GothCupcake on Etsy. Wish I could use them properly!

  2. Practice Practice Practice :P

    Seriously - I used to be pretty terrible at applying eyeshadow. My placement was appauling - but I just keep practicing and it seems to be getting better :)

    Good brushes are a must though - that was the biggest thing that "transformed" my eyeshadow application. I really like the Gosh small eyeshadow brush and also the E.L.F studio line brushes :)

    I just had a look at your etsy - I LOVE the messy choker things. They are so random and cute haha.

  3. Great review! Loving your makeup looks too! I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award! x

  4. I got this too and I love it, the only problem I have is that when I used the purple it stained my eyes pink for a day! lol