Thursday, 24 February 2011

My professional MUA kit in the making....on a budget.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that primarilly - I am a musician. However. Being a musician is not all that good on the ol' finance department. I'm in the last year of my music degree at the moment, and after that finishes I have loads of exciting stuff tax etc to look forward to.

Being in a band means that I need to have a job which is extremely flexible (so that I can go out on tour without having to worry too much.) I already have a nice flexible job, but theres no way that my wages from that job can possibly cover my living costs once I'm out of college.

Sooooo I have been thinking about ways that I can earn a little money on the side of my job/band stuff. For starters - I'm going to start giving singing lessons. I have been thinking about doing it for a while but just didn't have the time to commit to it before. If anyone reading this knows of anyone in the surrey area who is after contemporary singing lessons (my speciality is in Rock/Metal but I can cover most popular genres) then get in touch (

I have also decided to try and get into doing freelance MUA work. It has always been my "backup plan" should the whole band thing not work out. I really enjoy doing it and I alteady own a lot of the stuff that I need for the business.

So, before summer I want to get a portfolio together. I am roping in anyone with a face for me to put makeup on and photograph :) I would love to work with any professional photographers in the making too so if you are one of those (again, in the Surrey area) then get in touch :)

Last year I sold my guitar amp. I barely ever play guitar anymore and when I do play, I use my boyfriends amp anyway.  My marshall stack was being used as a bedside table....which is obviously not what it was intended for. The money from the sale of the amp I put in my spare bank account and sort of forgot about it, so I am using those pennies to try and put together my professional MUA kit.

I am on a serious budget. People I have spoken to about it didn't think I could put it together for under £300. I totally disagree, and think I can manage it on around a third of that (so around £100).

My first lot of stuff that I have ordered for my kit came through today, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)

Coastal Scents (sort of): Eclipse Concealer Palette - £4.18

Coastal Scents are a strange company. I don't really understand how they stay in business because all they do is slap their name onto wholesale cosmetic company products.

This is the "official" product.

This would have cost me $14.99 - plus the ridiculous international shipping prices that they put on top of that.

But if you search for it on is the same product. Without the coastal scents sticker on the front....for £ P&P

I gave this a test run on myself this morning (because I wouldn't wanna trial it on someone else just incase there is something wrong with it.) I really like it. The lightest concealer colour is great for covering my undereye circles and the green correcter covered up any redness that I had. The white highlight shade is really pretty too. I don't really understand why its in a "concealer" palette but Its a nice shimmery highlight which I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of.

These concealers are SUPER creamy. Which makes them ideal for undereye circles (I hate when I try to use a concealer and it feels like I'm pulling my skin when I'm applying it.)

Sleek: Creme to Powder foundation tester kits - £2.99 each

I think that these are an awesome idea. These tester palettes contain all of the shades that Sleek offer in their foundation range. Sleek specialise in darker skin tones (as you can probably tell from the photo) so this won't cover the whole spectrum....but for less than £12 - It covers enough shades (in my opinion) to be worth the money.

You can probably get 3/4 applications from each little square, so its ideal for someone like me who is starting out because I don't need a huge amount of each color. You can use a scalpel to scrape the colours out of the palette and mix them together too which is nice because it means that any shades you don't can try your hand at making :)

Even though this brand is mainly for darker skin tones - the lightest colour (shell) matches my skin pretty closely. I tried this out this morning and it really is a nice foundation. Most creme to powders never really feel like they have fully set but this one really impressed me!

Sleek: Contour and Highlight Brush - £6.99

I had heard good things about this brush, and I really liked that it came with a pouch. Usually I wouldn't buy a double ended brush because when you sit them in a container - one of the ends always gets squished - but the pouch fixes that issue because I can lay it flat and still keep it clean.

The brush is really nice and soft. I have been using a MAC 168 to contour and I really don't rate it that much at all, it doesn't seem to apply colour very evenly. I havn't actually tried this brush out yet but its definitely softer than the 168.

Estee Lauder Makeup Artists Leather Brush Belt - £2.20
Ah the wonders of Ebay. I managed to grab this for £2.20. I don't know how much this should have cost me because I can't find it online (I think the lady I bought it from must have been an ex EL employee cause this looks like the ones that the employees wear). But considering it is real leather, and pretty robust - and that the MAC ones cost around £ guessing that I got myself a bit of a bargin here :)

Ruby & Millie: i-brush - £1.69

My mum and sisters seem to really like these and since boots were doing their £5 off Ruby & Millie vouchers, I figured that I would give it a shot. It is normally £6.69 but with the £5 off I only paid £1.69 for it. I have purchased most of the brushes for my professional kit from E.L.F's studio range (during their 20% off sale)- but I don't love their eyeshadow brushes as much as I do their face brushes, so I am getting the eye brushes elsewhere. My personal favourites are the GOSH brushes, so it will be interesting to see how this one compares to those.

Soooo this lot cost me £27.02 in total. Not bad considering the fact that I almost have the foundation side of things covered, I have every concealer I will need for a while, a lovely brush belt and a couple of nice brushes to pop in it :)

I will keep you guys updated with how my little kit is going :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics UK/Italy Discount

20 % OFF Your order (minimum purchase £10/€12 excludes shipping)
UK & EU - use code: WELUVRFANS
Italy - use code: WELUVRFANSIT

Offer ends 23:59 (GMT) 23/02/2011.

If you spend over £30 in total then you get free shipping too! Bargin! With this discount - studio items (including all the wonderful brushes!) are only £2.80 each.

go to:

Monday, 21 February 2011

Things I am excited for

There are a few things being released soon which I am a bit excited about.


I very rarely get excited by MAC products anymore because they are really expensive and you can get far superior products for much less money. However, the 'Quite Cute' Collection (April USA/May UK & International) looks like the best selection of products the brand has come out with in a looooong time.


Sugarpill will apparently be releasing NEW PRESSED SHADOWS at some point. You want proof...


^ A girl can dream right? (I made this in paint....this isn't an actual promo can probably tell by the messy lines that don't meet up properly but I thought that I should probably clarify just to be on the safe side :P)

As well as new pressed shadows - Im still very excited for this product here:

I recieved this picture in an email along with the Black Friday discount it was a little while ago. I havn't heard anything more on the subject though which is sad :( Still playin' the waiting game.

Shiro Cosmetics

Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics has gotten herself a warehouse to work from:

^These pictures are from the Shiro Cosmetics Facebook Page

This hopefully means we will be seeing some lovely new colours from Shiro too :D exciting times!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Review: Sleek 'The Primer Palette'

I picked this up from superdrug yesterday. It is £6.99 but I had one of their recipt code thingys (where you fill in the survey online and get a discount code) so I got 10% off.

I didn't buy this to use as a primer on its own. I wanted a selection of different coloured bases to help bring out the vibrancy of a few shadows that I have had issues with the pigmentation of.

The packaging is the same as the other Sleek palettes. These do look good and they are great for carrying around because they are nice and slim. I like that they are matte because they don't fingerprint like shiny palettes tend to (my 88 palette always looks disgusting.)

The palette comes with a little brush (rather than a sponge applicator like the other Sleek palettes.) Obviously a brush is much nicer to have than the sponge applicator - but I can't really see myself using this brush to apply the product as the bristles don't seem stiff enough to apply a cream. I guess its nice to have in cases of emergency but its not really ideal for this particular product.

The first thing I noticed when I opened this up was that the little plastic sheet which has the shade names on - is printed wrong. I can't be certain whether the whole sheet is wrong or whether its just a few of the shades - but I find it hard to believe that they named the gold 'noir' and the black 'money honey' or that the blue is called 'ultra violet and the purple 'pink frost.'

I suppose that doesn't really matter but I do find it a bit annoying:

Here are some swatches. I can't name them because the names are all jumbled up - but they are in the same order as they are in the palette:

The black is actually surprisingly pigmented compared to the rest of the palette. The only one I can see myself having issues with is the brown on the second row as it seemed a bit crumbly. I might have to play around with it and see if I can make it work.

To put this palette to the test - I decided to do a look using two eyeshadows which I absolutely hate (hear me out.)

Romping by MAC and Ransom by Urban Decay look SO nice in the pan....but the pigmentation is pretty dreadful. I was especially frustrated with Romping because (as we all know) MAC isn't cheap, so to have this shadow sitting around is pretty irritating.

I used the purple primer underneath ransom, the darker pink underneath romping and I used the white underneath MUA Shade 2 as a highlight.

Still in my PJ's...havn't attacked my hair yet. I look like I am falling asleep :|

I do think that the bases definitely helped with the pigmentation. This is the brightest I have ever got these shadows to look before. They did make blending extremely difficult though so maybe it would be better to use them for looks where I am only using one colour on the lid.

I am off out in a bit so I will update this later with my verdict after a day of wear :)

EDIT: This worked pretty well. The colours definitely faded a bit throughout the day but the eyeshadows that I used have a tendancy to do that anyway. They faded less than they do when I don't use a coloured base though thats for sure. This didn't crease up at all on me (I did use UDPP under it though. I need to wait for a day where I'm not going out to test this palette out as a primer on its own.)

The pink seemed to hold a little bit better than the purple. It was hardly noticeable but I just thought I'd mention it :)

The colours with the most "wear" are 100% the black, blue and pink. I have come to this conclusion because after a day and a sleep - the swatches of these three colours are still quite clear on my arm.

I would recommend this product for the price. Especially if you have some pesky low pigmentation products that you want to get working.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

F.O.T.D: Sugarpill & Fun Liner

 Honestly - I didn't have a plan when I started this. I like how it turned out though :)

Shadows - Sugarpill (Dollipop , Midori & Tako)
Liner - Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara - can't remember. Probably Rimmel too.
Blush - Illamasqua - Katie
Foundation - Lily Lolo - Warm Peach
Lipstick - Vanitys Child - MAC

I look drunk in the middle picture but it was the only one I got which showed the shadow properly :(


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics - Lip Swatches Pt.1

I bought these while I was incapacitated after my Op in January. I have been meaning to swatch them for the past week but my lips are still recovering from Winter so the dryness makes it really hard to apply these evenly.

I have only done the first 5 of these here (there are another 5 to come but I thought it would be better for my poor lips if I did it in two halves.)

High Voltage sell their lip products in 3 catagories. Amplified Lipsticks, Lip Whips and Lip Candies. The ones I am going to swatch in this post are:

Wine & Roses (Amplified Lipstick)
Alter-Ego (Amplified Lipstick)
Jessie's Girl (Lip Whip)
Just a Girl (Lip Whip)
Orestea (Lip Candy) <3

First up - my lips without anything on them (to give an idea of my natural lip pigmentation - not that this is a problem because these are VERY opaque.)

Wine & Roses - This is really pretty but I think it would look better on someone with paler skin. It washes me out a bit. I like that it is a grey based pink because it makes it really unique but I do wish it was a tad darker.

Alter - Ego - I couldn't get this to photograph evenly for the life of me. I have seen a few other people swatch this and they seem to have had the same problem. This looked much better in person. This is a great colour but it feathers quite a lot so I would advise using a lip liner.

Jessie's Girl - Gorgeous nude colour! This looks to me like its going to be the same colour as the MAC Viva Gaga II lipstick thats due to be released in the next month or so. Really smooth to apply and this colour lasts for AGES (I drank a coffee after swatching this and it was still looking nice and even by the end of it!)

Just A Girl - I love this colour. I bought this in both Lip Whip and Lip Candy version. I really love the colour but find the lip whip doesn't last too long on its own. If I apply the lip candy first and then the whip on top of it - it wears much better (so its definitely worth owning both.) This is VERY similar to fyrinnae's fanservice Lip Lustre.

Orestea - <3 <3 <3 Jasmine made this especially for me to match my hair colour. I think she did an AWESOME job! Can't wait to rock this onstage! This gets two pictures because its amazing.

So yeah - all in all I love these! Not a single purchase that I regret!

I bought some eyeshadows at the same time as these but I will swatch those with the second batch of lip products :)

You can buy these from:

P.S: For anyone thats interested - the colours on my eyes are Shiro's Pikachu and Sugarpill's Midori & Tako :)

Lots of nice things in the post (Fyrinnae & High Voltage)

Yesterday I recieved a lovely package from High Voltage Cosmetics (including my Orestea lipstick :D:D:D:D!!!) and I had barely found 5 minutes to play with it when my Fyrinnae parcel turned up!

I love how Fyrinnae package their stuff - every time I order something I am excited to see what lovely wrapping they have used! Half of this order is for my Mum & Sisters so I won't swatch it all - but I'll swatch my stuff in the next couple of days :)

They included some false lashes as an extra too which was very kind of them :) I love Ardell lashes!
I havn't swatched anything yet because I'm about to go out - but I had a bit of a play with the products on my face:

Eyes: HVC Smoke & Mirrors (Lid) Fyrinnae Ashes (Crease) HVC Backstage Kisses (Highlight) MAC Black Tied (Outer V)

Face: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation set with Fyrinnae Translucent Powder. Fyrinnae Seduce Blush + Fyrinnae Bronzer in Matte Light to contour.

Lips: Fyrinnae Sugar Coated Revenge Lip Lustre

Review: E.L.F Brushes

A number of people have been asking me about brushes recently. So I thought I’d make a blog post about E.L.F (stands for Eyes Lips Face) brushes.

E.L.F is an American company (launched in New York in 2004) who are best known for their EXTREMELY affordable cosmetics. The initial line in America had every item costing only $1. E.L.F UK launched in 2007 – and while the prices aren’t as low as they are over in America, they are definitely one of the best budget cosmetic lines out there.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t tried much of the stuff from their standard line (with every item costing £1.50) because not a lot of it appeals to me. But their studio line (around £3.50 an item….with a few exceptions) is a bit fantastic. I’m not going to talk about everything I have ever purchased from E.L.F because quite frankly – It would take hours. However, I am going to do a bit of a roundup of the brushes that I own.

I have more E.L.F brushes than any other brand. I genuinely believe that their brushes are as good as/better than some higher end brushes that I own – which cost at least 4 times the price.

Brushes from E.L.F’s Studio and Mineral lines are made with synthetic Taklon hairs. I’m not 100% sure about their Standard brushes but as far as I am aware, these are synthetic too (although I don’t think they are Taklon.) I can’t speak for the rest of the world…but I feel much happier knowing that I am using a synthetic brush, rather than rubbing horse hair on my face every morning (*cough* MAC *cough*).

I’m going to break this down into the different ranges that E.L.F do – because I don’t feel exactly the same about all of them:

Studio Line:

(left to right: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eyeshadow C Brush, Contour Brush, Concealer Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Smudge Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Angled Contour Brush)

I own 9 different Studio brushes (I have doubles/triples of some of these because they get so much use.) The studio range is easily my favourite collection of items that E.L.F sells – and the brushes are AMAZING. Each of these brushes cost a mere £3.50. I really like the way that the face brushes come packaged because they have a little piece of plastic that slides onto the bristles. I keep these bits because it helps keep their shape if Im travelling with them.

I also love that these are all black. It makes them look much more expensive than they actually are. They feel like high quality brushes and are really easy to keep clean.

Powder Brush: I have two of these. One for my handbag and one for my brush roll. I have yet to find a brush that is better than this for applying loose/pressed powder foundations and finishing powders. The shape of the side of the brush makes it really nice for applying highlighters too, although I prefer something a little fluffier for that.

I love that it has a flat top – it’s very difficult to find a flat topped brush in the UK, I’m not sure why because if you have a look on the internet, most American companies seem to do one.

If you are only going to buy one brush from E.L.F, I’d suggest that you make it this one.

Angled Foundation Brush: I usually hate using a brush for liquid foundation. In fact, I’m not really much of a liquid foundation kind of girl. I purchased this brush last week because I had bought a new liquid foundation while I was staying with my parents and I couldn’t get it to apply nicely with a sponge – I think I might have been converted. The brush really does give a great finish. The shape of it makes it great for getting into the contours of your face too (especially under the eyes, which is usually the place that I end up having to blend out with my fingers.)

I also had a shot at using this as a contour brush. I am currently using a MAC 168 which I’m not too fond of (white brush hairs annoy me…they look dirty all the time.) This brush works better for contouring than the 168. I think I’m going to have to buy a second one for this purpose. Let’s look at the price difference…just for fun.

Mac 168 = £24 E.L.F Angled Foundation Brush = £3.50

I could buy almost 7 E.L.F brushes for the price of the 168…I sure wish I had known that before buying the MAC brush.

Blush Brush: I use this as a finishing powder brush. It’s good for blush too but I really like my GOSH stippling brush for that (yes…I know that it’s meant for foundation.) This brush is SUPER fluffy. Its the kind of brush that make you smile when you use it because it tickles a bit. Honestly, I could probably live without this – because I have enough brushes that are similar, but I’m glad I have it.

Concealer Brush: This is one of the newer brushes in the studio line. I LOVE this. Most concealer brushes are too soft to actually do the job they are intended for, but this is quite solid. It works well with both liquid and powder concealers too which is nice. I do like a bit of versatility!

Small Angled Brush: I think this is meant to be for eyeliner, but I have always used it to fill in my eyebrows. There are lots of similar brushes to this out there, and its fairly hard to go wrong with these – but I do like this. It has a nice long handle (unlike a lot of other similar brushes) which makes it a bit easier to control.

I have compared it here to the MAC 266 (which is £15).

Contour brush: I think I have 4 of these dotted around in my flat. I use them every single day. This is meant to be a contour brush but I could quite happily use it to apply lid colour and highlight too. It’s nice and fluffy and especially good for packing on loose powder eye shadows. Its ok for blending, but not totally ideal.

Angled Contour Brush: This is another new brush to the studio range. It’s probably the one that I like the least, but I haven’t really had much of a chance to play around with it. I find it a bit big and clumsy for contouring. I do see it being good for applying glitter though (which is what I’m going to try tomorrow.)

Eye shadow C Brush: This is a bit firm for using with powder eye shadows, however it is amazing for applying cream eye shadows. I use it most with my MAC paint pots. When I was using my Urban Decay Primer Potion out of a pot, I used this brush to apply it (but I bought a new tube, so I don’t need it for that right now.)

Small Smudge Brush: I can’t really review this, cause I haven’t used it yet. I figured that I may as well photograph it for this post though. I purchased it as a lip brush (for when my goodies from High Voltage Cosmetics turn up!) but my lips are still recovering from Winter, so I’m stuck on lip balm until they feel a little bit better. It does seem as if it would do a good job as a lip brush though, the size and firmness of the brush is exactly what I was looking for!

Mineral Line (Bamboo Brushes):

(left to right: Kabuki Brush, Concealer Brush, Blending Brush, Complexion Brush, Pouch)
This is a new range of brushes from E.L.F. Each of these is priced at £5.50. I own the 4 piece set which is £15 and comes with a little pouch to hold the brushes. The handles of the brushes in this set are shorter than the standard size though.

A general comment that I have to make about these (rather than repeating it for each individual item) is that I really don’t like makeup brushes with white bristles. I hate how dirty they look all the time. Even after you clean them they never quite look right.

Complexion Brush: This is too fluffy to use for powder foundations or blot powders. I have been using it as a highlighting brush because I don’t like my highlight to be too obvious. I do sometimes feel like this brush is picking up more product than its actually putting on my face though because of the fluffiness.

Blending Eye Brush: I really really really like this brush. I don’t really know what else to say. The only thing I would change is the colour of the bristles, but this brush works so well for blending that I can live with it looking a bit gross! This is worth every penny! I’m going to pick up a long handled version of this for by brush roll because the short one slides around too easily. This one is great for travel though – especially with the little bag it comes in.

Concealer Brush: This is way too fluffy for concealer. I have been using it as an eye shadow brush. It’s a nice size for applying a highlight shade because the width of the brush pretty much matches the depth of my highlight space.

Kabuki Brush: I don’t know if the full priced kabuki is a different size to this one, but I really don’t like this brush at all. It’s too small to hold when doing foundation, and it’s WAAAAY too fluffy to apply powder evenly. I don’t really know what to do with this one. It’s pretty much the only brush I own from E.L.F that I wouldn’t recommend.

Standard Line:

These are the cheapest brushes that E.L.F has to offer (£1.50 each). I only own one of these – the Total Face Brush. I don’t really like using this on my face, because it’s a bit scratchy. I actually use this for body glitter. It’s nice and big so its good for dusting glitter or shimmer onto shoulders and arms. Lots of people seem to love this brush for applying powder foundation, so maybe I am just a bit sensitive to it. If you are looking for a powder brush then you may as well give it a shot. Its only £1.50 after all!

So basically, I love E.L.F’s studio brushes. I am a bit on the fence with the others.

If you have about £15 to spend on brushes, this is what I would suggest.

Mineral Blending Brush (£5.50)
Studio Powder Brush (£3.50)
Studio Angled Foundation Brush (£3.50)
Studio Contour Brush (£3.50)

….ok that’s £16. I couldn’t get any closer to £15. E.L.F regularly do discounts via their Facebook page. So if you wait for a good discount you might be able to get it for less than £15 anyway ;)
Their postage is really quick - which is excellent. If you order before 12 then your order will usually be with you the next morning.

E.L.F products are available from

Sugarpill Cosmetics - a.k.a best products ever.


These are by far the most beautifully packaged cosmetics that I have ever seen. I can’t throw away the boxes - I don’t care how inconvenient that will make them for usage in the longrun but too much work has been put into the artwork for these for me to be able to justify throwing them away!

(I got the Sweet Heart palette and Goldilux Chromalust - I couldn’t even properly photograph Goldilux cause it was too bright and gorgeous - it just reflects back at my camera haha!)

Sugarpill E.O.T.D: Dollipop and Tako - My camera seems to mute bright colours down loads :( but this was AMAZING in person. Made me want to walk around with my eyes closed just so people got the full effect (I didn’t though - cause Im clumsy enough with my eyes open!!!)

2010 Cosmetic Roundup

I have seen a couple of bloggers do this, and I fancied doing my own version :)
These aren’t all products that have been released in the past year, but rather products that I have discovered in the last year :)

Best High End Cosmetics Company
Illamasqua gets this one. Their counters look like they have been sent from the future or something - all glossy black and pretty angles :). I have never met a rude or unfriendly Illamasqua MUA (unlike MAC, who seem to love employing obnoxious girls.) The prices are pretty similar to MAC, but the packaging is much higher quality and the whole brand just seems a bit more “special.”

Best Drugstore Cosmetics Company
This is a tie between GOSH (for their amazing brushes) and the new Accessorize line from Superdrug (for their nail polishes.)

Best Indie Cosmetics Company
Another tie, between Shiro Cosmetics and Fyrinnae. Both brands sell extremely high quality products, and offer very affordable sample size shadows for people who to “test” the products out.
Shiro’s Pokemon and Zelda themed eyeshadow collections also came with gorgeous little stickers on the lid - which made me smile…A LOT!

Best Brand Imagery
Sugarpill - despite the fact that my order still isn’t here haha. The visual side of this brand is just gorgeous - Amy has really put a lot of time and effort into creating this company. I have been dying to try her products for ages, so I can’t wait for my order to arrive :)

Best Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original) - I can’t say a bad thing about this. Its amazing.

Best Foundation Primer
Body Shop - Matte It. I actually prefered the formula of E.L.F’s studio primer but the packaging was so awful that I couldn’t bare to spend any more money on it. This primer from the body shop is the next best thing - and it comes in a nice, easy to use, squeezy tube :)

Best Foundation
Lily Lolo. I swear by their foundations, they are light, but offer great coverage. I also find it to be the best “on stage” foundation that I have tried - because it doesn’t melt off my face under bright lights :) Lily Lolo offer sample sizes of all their foundation/concealer products for around £1 - so there is no fear of wasting a load of money on a full size foundation that is the wrong colour :)

Best Bright Eyeshadow/Pigment
Illamasqua - Static. Pink-y, Purpl-y, Glitter-y goodness :) I put this on top of pretty much everything - its so versatile and can be used as an OTT highlighter or patted into lipstick/gloss.

Best Neutral Eyeshadow/Pigment
Shiro - Meowth. This is my go to highlighter at the moment. Its nice and shimmery but not too pale. Shiro actually make some gorgeous neutral colours, which is strange - as I was initially drawn to the brighter products from this company. ‘Everything Is Bears’ is probably my favourite brown colour EVER.

Best Blusher
MAC - Instant Chic. I love the formula and colour of this blush. I have way too many pink blush’s but this is a nice peachy colour which is fairly unique in my collection. Its a real shame that this product is Limited Edition cause its one of the only MAC products that I can see myself running out of :(

Best Highlighting Product
MAC - Chez Chez Lame. I only bought this on New Years Eve so I’m not sure whether I should really include it, but it really is very pretty. So it has to win this category.

Best LipstickFyrinnae - Ghostly Voice Lip Lustre. This goes on like a gloss, but looks like a lipstick. Its a similar product to Illamasqua’s intense lipgloss, but for a quarter of the price. I can’t wait to try some more of these once Fyrinnae get more containers in stock.

Best Super ProductFyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy. I heard about this from Ana ( and it is one of my favourite products. Anyone who uses loose powder shadows with glitter/shimmer/duochrome in them - NEEDS this. Seriously.

Soooo there you go - all my favourite products from the past year :)

I Love Shiro


Shrio is an indie brand that is run through Etsy so its nice and simple to use. Customer service is AMAZING and they offer great discounts on large orders of samples or full sized eyeshadows.

The collections are "themed." The ones I have shadows from are the Super Effective collection (Pokemon) and the Legends collection (Legend Of Zelda)

Delivery is super quick - even to the UK. I think these got to me in less than two weeks. They come packaged really nicely too.

Look how cute the little stickers on the lids are!!! She included a little baggie with 5 samples in as an extra with my order which was lovely :)
Shiro make some of the most gorgeous nude colours EVER.

In these I am wearing Master Key (Legends collection) on the lid (and on my lips :P), Rapidash (Super Effective collection) as a highlight and ‘Everything is Bears’ in the crease.
Everyone needs to own these! GO BUY